Thursday, May 26, 2005


Working on a Mississippi River Towboat

I've often thought that it would be interesting to work on a tow boat (barge) on the Upper Mississippi. From reading Calvin Fremlings book "Immortal River - The Upper Mississippi in Ancient and Modern Times" I've learned about the crew, and it's work. There are 12 members on a tow boat, more or less.

The tow is operated 24 hours a day in which each crew member works 2 six-hour shifts. They can't leave the tow except for emergencies. There is no alcohol and no drugs. They work for 28 days and then get 28 days off (with pay). The captain and pilot who operated the boat alternate 6 hour shifts.

So, for all you barge watchers, that's how it goes. Still sound interesting? It does to me. I'll bet Mark Twain would have liked working on a tow or barge. But he'd want to be the pilot.

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