Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Pretty Good Ham and Bean Soup

The U. S. Senate restaurant is famous for its bean soup. It seems to have been there longer than anyone remembers and it's recipe was a guarded secret. One day, as the story goes, Minnesota Senator Knute Nelson went to the restaurant to get a bowl of bean soup. He was disappointed to find that they didn't serve it that day. As any Norwegian Senator, or was he Swedish, would do was to make a wrong a right. He went back to the Senate floor and introduced a bill mandating that the soup would be served every day and that the recipe be printed on the menu. So, here it is, just as printed on the menu:

The Famous Senate Restaurant Bean Soup Recipe

Take two pounds of small Navy Pea Beans, wash, and run through hot water until Beans are white again. Put on the fire with four quarts of hot water. Then take one and one-half pounds of Smoked Ham Hocks, boil slowly approximately three hours in covered pot. Braise one onion chopped in a little butter, and, when light brown, put in Bean Soup. Season with salt and pepper, then serve, Do not add salt until ready to serve. (Eight Persons)
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